Small Business Seo

SEO for Grand Rapids and the Detroit Area

Beat the competition to page one without breaking the bank or resorting to spammy tactics.

You’ve Got A Cool Site. Now What?

If you're like most businesses, you probably paid for an ad in the yellow pages. Now this isn't a bad practice. People looking for your product or service might go flipping through there and find you. What about everyone who doesn't use the yellow pages?

We specialize in creating prominent listings in a slightly more popular consumer reference guide - the internet. Or more specifically, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. When they search for your product or service, who do they find? We can make sure it's you.

Search engine optimization is the practice of making a website appear as relevant as possible to search engines like Google. The advertising benefits of this are obvious, quite a lot of people look for the things they want on search engines. And very few of them will go on to page two or three or four. The first page is generally where they make their decision.

What may not be obvious is the difference in search engine optimizations. Lots of companies offer such a service. But whether or not you sign up with us, we would like to caution you. Many SEO companies resort to paid for links and paid for likes - services which Google is rapidly getting better at detecting and discrediting. Still others use automated mass advertising techniques more commonly known as spam.

When we do search engine optimization, we do it right. Our SEO team is staffed entirely by humans. We specialize in organic content written by skilled writers who speak English as their first language and in individually and uniquely created links. We do not pay for links. We do not pay for likes. We do not automate our content or link building strategies. We do not try to trick search engines. We simply use our knowledge of how Google/Bing/Yahoo decide which site is the most relevant to a search term and set your site up such that search engines will choose it.