Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage: An Insurance Policy for Your Data

If it isn't already, regularly backing up you company's data should be a routine practice. Your documents and files represent a lot of work on the part of yourself and your employees. They also represent the money it would cost to replace them. You have your business insured against fires, break-ins, and natural disasters. But do you have your data insured?

Our cloud storage is an easy, fast, and secure way to insure your data is not lost. Here is how it works:

  • We install a small, lightweight backup program on whichever computers you need it on.
  • When there is a file or folder you would like backed up, you simply need to drag the file or folder into the backup folder that we created.
  • The data is then copied to our servers using a heavily encrypted connection, making it extremely for anyone to steal your information.
  • We then encrypt your data. Only you will have access to it. Even we will not be able to see what you are backing up.
  • We then make multiple redundant copies of your data and put complete sets in Oregon, Virginia, and a few other places.
  • When you need the backups, you simply log into your account and download them.
  • You pay only for what you use at $0.12 per gigabyte per month. No other fees. For accounts with over 1 TB, please call us for a quote.

Our cloud storage is also incredibly reliable. The averages are such that if you were to store 10,000 files for 10,000,000 years, you would lose one file. Pretty safe.

We can also provide hipaa-capable environments upon request. If you have put a lot of time (which is money) into creating files and documents for your business or are required by law to keep certain amounts of data for specific time periods, contact us. You won't be disappointed.