Services Offered

Information Technologies Department

It doesn't make sense for every company to have a full-time I.T. department. Most businesses only need I.T. professionals occasionally - building a website, setting up a new email account, and fully backing up important files. That's where we come in. We offer a full line of services designed to help small businesses preform large corporate tasks. The following are few examples:
  • Website Creation - A website is a billboard next to a road that everyone drives past. It's a brochure that arrives in everyone's mail box. Getting online is one of the most important steps for every small business. If done right, websites are easily the most cost effective form of advertisement.
  • Managed Hosting - Now that you've got your fully customized website ready with all of its carefully written content and tastefully professional design, it is time to make it visible to the world. With our fully managed hosting service, we take care of everything: email accounts for yourself and your employees, domain names, and making sure your website loads properly and quickly.
  • Mobile App Development - Whether your looking to build the next big game or looking to make it easier for customers to use your services, we can make it happen. On Android and IOS.

Back Office Personnel

Online technology doesn't have to be visible to your customers to be helpful. There are a number of ways we can streamline your company's back office tasks while saving you money in the process. To name a few:
  • Automated Online Backups - For the information that must be kept secret and safe, we provide a secure, encrypted online backup service.
  • Inventory Management - We provide a simple yet powerful way to keep tabs on all of your inventory without the need for special equipment. All you need is a smart phone.
  • Google Apps for Business - We are a reseller of Google Apps, a versatile set of tools including: a collaborative calendar and document suite, and an easy to use online email client. Normally getting something directly from the source makes it cheaper. But not this time. You can get Google Apps directly from their website for $5 per user per month. We only charge $4.10.
  • Credit Card Processing - If you want people to be able to pay for items directly for your site, we will work with you and the financial institution of your choosing to make that happen.

Sales Team

Most people wouldn't look at a group of programmers and I.T. experts and think of a sales team. But that's exactly what we are. For those of you that don't like washing your dishes by hand, or clipping the grass with a pair of scissors, technology has provided a better way of doing things. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be the one they find.
  • Search Engine Optimization - When someone wants something but doesn't know where to find it, they have two options: the yellow pages, and an online search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo). We can't help with the yellow pages, but thankfully their popularity is rapidly declining. What do you sell? Google it. Did you see your company? If not, it's likely that potential customers don't either. We can fix that.
  • E-commerce Solutions - Especially useful for companies that sell physical goods, we offer a full-featured and fully customizable E-commerce platform where customers can browse your catalog and purchase your products. The best part is, you won't even have to answer the phone or make them wait in line for a cash register. We can even take your product line to Amazon or Ebay.
  • Social Media Marketing - The best advertisement is word-of-mouth. Encourage clients to refer your company to their friends by liking your business on Facebook or following it on Twitter or Google+.