3D Printing: Why It Matters To Small Business People Everywhere.

Every fifty years there seems to be a technological development that changes everything and puts the hands of production back in the reach of “The People”. Usually this technology makes things that used to be expensive and time consuming cheap and expedient. Things that once only the government sponsored corporations could do become available to […]

Some Hindsight Advice On Starting Your Own Business

Divergence Web Marketing has been operational now for over two years so we though maybe some of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there could maybe benefit from some of our experiences. The true heroes are those that start with nothing and create with their bare hands and minds. Have faith in yourselves friends. All the hard […]

A New Channel of Marketing

We at Divergence Web Marketing are excited to announce our decision to launch a new branch of our company. Over the next few months, we will be assembling a new advertising team whose focus is video advertising, more specifically, YouTube advertising. YouTube advertising is a unique opportunity for small businesses, allowing for many of the […]

Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Back to Basics

Running a small business in the 21st century is difficult. Everyone knows that. Every day the economy is changing. Lately those changes have been moving in the negative direction. With inflation rising, unemployment increasing, and the average income of American households decreasing, competition for even the most basic items has been taken up a couple […]

SEO for Small Businesses vs Traditional Sales

There are a number of different ways companies go about finding new customers. A local pet supply store might mail out coupons. A lawyer might post a billboard. And a car dealership will most likely display a wacky waving-arm inflatable tube-man as prominently as possible. But there is one step that nearly every business does […]

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Not Spam

I don’t know about you but I have three different email addresses. One is completely junk. I give it out when someone asks for it and there’s no non-awkward way out of the situation (My address is 123 Fake Street). I have an email I use purely for work. I have a third one I […]