Mission And Values

Divergence sees a verge away from the normal. We desire to forge our own path through a wavering economy and a sea of regulations that make running a small business harder than it used to be. Divergence Web Marketing offers creative solutions to clients for increasing customer bases, unrolling new products and services, and making the Internet work for you.

The World Wide Web is a beautiful thing, and it has changed the way people will do business forever. Plugging in gives businesses access to a virtually (pun intended) unlimited market. Divergence Web Marketing desires most of all to use the internet to help small businesses regain a dominant force in the global economy.

Some of our values include:

A firm belief in the power of small businesses and their ability to grow, despite the best efforts of their larger competitors.

The importance of privacy. We don’t give your information to anyone without your permission, period. We may have grand ideas on websites and opportunities that could greatly increase your base, but we would never do anything without your permission.

The future of the Internet as a vehicle to fulfill the dreams of the entrepreneur. Don’t give up. Compete.